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Freestyle Monkey Diving
Disclaimer: Freestyle Monkey Diving is dangerous and could result in the injury or death. Do not try to mimic or imitate any of these stunts without proper guidance and supervision. Most of these stunts have been performed in the presence of a safety net of an experienced team of support divers and emergency personnel. We will not be held accountable for anyone trying to do the things they see within these pages or anywhere on this website. These video are here for your viewing pleasure only. Below you will find several entertaining movies that stretch the boundaries of monkey diving. The divers in these videos have years of experience as divers in general and in monkey diving in specific. The main factor making these dives possible is the mastery of personal and equipment buoyancy. The most essential skill for a diver is buoyancy, and the divers in these videos are masters at it. Enjoy.
Bring out the Monkey





 In everyone of us there is a Monkey waiting to be released ...






Scoo-Toe-Ring is a type of freestyle monkey-diving where the divers use their toes to activate the trigger on the scooter. This way of using the scooters offers great speed and manuverability.

As you can probably see, it was a great deal of fun, hitting the scooter triggers with your toes and using your body for the direction. Definitely an entertaining way to exist in the water!


Runaway Scooter

Scooters are great tools for exploration style diving and fun diving alike. A diver should have great understanding and control of a scooter in order to make it safe to use especially on the big dives. This video shows a diver locking the trigger on a scooter to see how it handles in a runaway scenario.


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