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Intro Diving Monkey The Monkey Way

Intro dives in Monkey configuration is a great way to inroduce diving to people who have never been in the water with scuba before. If you think about it, intro divers are not required to have buoyancy device because they do not know how to use it. Usually the dive master or instructor with them is responsible for their buoyancy. The old fashioned way to conduct intro dives is to get the diver in scuba gear and put a lot of weights on them and hold them from their tank as you drag them across the reef. We do not like that. Not only is it an unpleasant experience, but it is also not flattering to the new diver.

When a new diver is interested in trying scuba the monkey configuration is the way to go. A wet suit, a harness and a small weight belt, and ofcourse fins and mask. A bref understanding of the concept of neutral buoyancy. They get comfortable very quickly as it is like swimming with nothing on and most of people are already comfortable swimming like that. Now I just add the tank and breif on equalization stuff and lung over expansion issuse. It is not even required to grab their hand. It is astonishing how natural it comes to people.

When a person meets scuba like this for the first time they develop really quickly to becoming comfortable and confidant divers. They have now mastered the basic elements. They can slowly start adding gear and moving to more advanced dive rigs.

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